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Re: Show your BASIC devices
« Reply #15 on: 24. November 2016, 21:39:26 »
Processor is Cosmac CDP 1802
Well i dont talk here about internal processor specifications. probably never use this computer ?

A local computer club had one. It was ... an interesting machine. Graphically, it was not really very good :)

i own ZXspectrum and this one Pecom-Basic is really faster i mean in games
but because this was just computer for schools it was not very popular
also pecom was used in technical processes in EiNis electronic industry where
work whole days
and do you know is where is zxSpectrum used ?
After few hours (2-3) of work you cannot touch the case ;D

Sinclair BASIC is very slow due to the nature of the floating point calculator being an emulator :)

But once you drop into asm (which anyone wanting to write serious games did) then there's no comparison. The Spectrum was light years ahead of the Pecom (and other RCA variants).

The Spectrum is still in use today, as Richey pointed out - many, many new games yearly of rather amazing quality and the BASIC has been revived for teaching in schools. And as Richey also points out, there are new Spectrums coming out now too - ARM rather than z80, but still retaining compatibility with software written for the original machine.


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Re: Show your BASIC devices
« Reply #16 on: 25. November 2016, 08:30:05 »
Yeah Pecom wasn't popular like ZX and C64 in europe
anyway pecom is prouct of Serbia and i am in Croatia  ;D
also that freakin processor is used in NASA crafts...
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