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Concept of strategy game
« on: 25. November 2012, 12:24:46 »
I started a concept for a strategy game. Nothing works for now. It will be a hex field game like the well known Slay. I don't know if this ever will become playable, though. (Never worked with hex tiles, so any hints are welcome.)
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Re: Concept of strategy game
« Reply #1 on: 03. December 2012, 06:24:06 »
Here's one of the hexagon algorithm sites with some code that looked interesting.


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Re: Concept of strategy game
« Reply #2 on: 08. December 2012, 19:41:47 »
Speaking of hexagons, if you like strategic puzzle games you should try:

This game was made before I started at the company, but I think it's a real good one. Also, it's written in Visual Basic :)