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Plubz from 2004
« on: 01. July 2014, 19:58:37 »
It's amazing what you can find on the Internet. Here's a game I wrote back in 2004:

The source code (plain C) is included.

Your mission is to sort the "plubz" in lines. Rotate your ... ship-thingy with the arrow keys. Suck up plubz from a line with '.' (dot) and spit it out with the same key. When every line is single colored you've finished the game. If you spit out a plubz on a different colored plubz, they both explode (and you earn less points). Uhm, but if a line is full and you try to spit a plubz out in it, the plubz you carry will switch place with the one first in line. And sometimes new plubz and bonuses come out from the four funny looking machines ... And if you don't suck 'em up they pop and transform some of the front line plubz ... Yes, it's obviously a very simple and well planned game.

You might need to press Ctrl+C or Alt+F4 to shut the game down.
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Re: Plubz from 2004
« Reply #1 on: 01. July 2014, 22:00:25 »
It looks good, thanks for sharing.