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Offtopic / WhatA Fu** they...
« Last post by Aurel on 03. August 2017, 23:54:24 »
anyone else receive such a email...
C++ builder for freee yeah ...
poor people... ;D

Hi Baser,

I have a special email this week, sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies, the guys who make some great and fast development tools, including C++ Builder.  C++ Builder provides a powerful object-oriented framework for native visual Windows development, and its unique FireMonkey framework provides native cross-platform and UI, database, REST and more with deployment on iOS, macOS, Android and Windows.

In particular, they have an offer that I think a lot of you might enjoy.  For a limited time, you can get C++ Builder Starter Edition totally free, as long as you’re creating applications for non-commercial use, generating revenues of less than $1000 USD per year. This is a great opportunity to get access to a powerful C++ IDE for Windows at an unbeatable price. (You can’t beat free!)

And if you have bigger aspirations, or once your app turns out to be the hot new thing, you can upgrade to the professional version of C++ Builder. The professional version also has a 30 day free trial — no credit card required — so you can give it a shot at no risk.

Click here to download C++ Builder Starter Edition today!

Or, if you’re looking for the same powerful IDE but with the ability to easily integrate with cloud services or do cross-platform development for the Internet of Things, take a look at Embarcadero’s RAD Studio. RAD Studio™, which includes C++Builder, is the fastest way to write, compile, package and develop cross-platform native applications with flexible cloud services and broad IoT connectivity from a single codebase — click here to get started with a 30 day free trial.
Offtopic / Re: N54 trashing
« Last post by Aurel on 31. July 2017, 19:53:15 »
yes i see ,i think that 50% of guys there are nuts
Offtopic / Re: N54 trashing
« Last post by B+ on 31. July 2017, 15:39:51 »
Yeah, I look in there now and then.

You've seen HACKER? The guy won't let go, he is still posting about WHN? That was months ago!

I've seen it twice at JB and a recurring theme at 54.
Offtopic / N54 trashing
« Last post by Aurel on 31. July 2017, 15:34:37 »
...yeah if you like to read trash
go to network54 qbasic forum..
fig is there  ;D
Tutorials and articles / Under 5 Minute BASIC tutorials
« Last post by Richey on 30. July 2017, 00:36:39 »
A nice little site with 'less than 5 minute tutorials' in Sinclair BASIC

Originally posted at the World of Spectrum forums - ideal for people like me trying to squeeze programming time into their busy schedules...
Offtopic / Re: qb64 deviations
« Last post by Aurel on 29. July 2017, 19:41:38 »
Yo Mark
You know that i don't have any interest in qb64 ..i found it ugly(to retro)  ;D
anyway qb64 group is very close ,it seems to me that everyone knows everyone ::)
Even qb64 is opensource whole things depend on one man Galleon.
If you ask me Walter forum TJP was far better even sucks with all that ads...I hate ads >:(
But if we can say content was good,with all different approaches and thinking
and anyone can find far more interesting things then on other forums.
It was dynamic somehow  :D

figuring - funny man from clouds ... ;D
Offtopic / Re: qb64 deviations
« Last post by B+ on 29. July 2017, 17:12:39 »
Hi Aurel and All!

I will try to review the events concerning the QB64 group.

1. finally comes back on-line and Galleon starts a thread "I'm Sorry" for the delay due to him. (down for a couple of weeks)

2. An independent but ironic coincidence, Walter's forum, The Joyfulporgrammer, gets closed down due to lack of funds. It has suffered some tragic events recently concerning members, so Walter might be frustrated by some of the BS involved when moderating. He was hoping he could make enough money that the forum would come close to paying for itself, thus all the ads and his book store. Members could post all sorts of attachments open for public viewing and downloading (nice for SmallBASIC) and TJP was NOT restricted to just QB64 (of which Walter had made a fork to QB64 v1.1) other BASICs were allowed Boards and other PL's as well!

I hope Walter can work things out.

OK that's one back in action and one down.

3. Later forum at the, that was setup to be the "Unofficial" QB64 forum while the "Official" forum was down, closed down because the Official forum was back on-line.

Note: the .org site is still active and has many QB64 goodies to download.

OK that's one forum back and two down.

4. Steve McNeil a Hero member and VIP with the QB64 group started a secondary forum to serve as a backup resource should anything ever happen again at the official QB64 site. Discussed and links from thread here:

We do miss certain posts and want the occasional access to them when our favorite site is down or gone like (RIP)
Steve has started a forum for just that purpose to preserve his work and others as a backup resource. So another QB64 + forum for anyone who likes to hangout with Steve or just wants to post code for backup and share with others... only thing not allowed are spammers.

OK that's 2 down and 2 up, Nature has herself all balanced out again, all in a day!

What a day in the History of QB64!

Here is a snap of my first post at QB64,net and Walter's announcement right after in Galleon's "I'm sorry" thread.

Offtopic / qb64 deviations
« Last post by Aurel on 29. July 2017, 15:19:36 »
..or better to say you we have new forum if main go down
but he delete old on  then move to
what is next move ....  ;D
and someone sometimes tell me that i have too many sites
i am zero  ;D ;D ;D
tjp forum is also down ...probably admin lost his interest because he dont earn
enough money ...  ;D
Here is the IEN (Is Everything Number) Interpreter:
Code: [Select]
'IEN Interpreter.bas for SmallBASIC 0.12.9 (B+=MGA) 2017-07-28 new name

memsize = 20000
DIM memory(memsize)
numChars = "-.1234567890"
cmdChars = "WC?ABZMIENP[X]F%^/*~+=<>()!&|"
allChars = numChars + cmdChars

while 1
  color 0, 11 : cls
  anyfile = files("IEN*.txt")
  sort anyfile
  ? "EIN (Everything Is Numbered) Files:":?
  if len(anyfile) > 0 then
    for i = 0 to ubound(anyfile)
      ? i, anyfile(i)
    ? : input "Enter file NUMBER (any else quits) >  ", flnm
    if isnumber(flnm) then
      if flnm >= 0 and flmn <=ubound(anyfile) then
        getfile = anyfile(flnm)
        tload getfile, source, 1
      end if
    end if
    ? "No files found" : source = ""
  end if
  color 7, 1 : cls
  if source <> "" then
    for i = 1 to len(source)
      ? mid(source, i, 1);
      if i mod 60 = 0 then ?
  end if
  ?:input "n(New)  e(Edit)  r(Run)  k(Kill)  q(Quits)  other(Files)"; menu
  select case ucase(left(menu,1))
  case "N" : input "Enter a title, for *IEN + title + DATE.TXT* format ";tl
    dt = right(date,4) + "-" + mid(date,4,2) + "-" + left(date,2)
    fname = "IEN " + tl + " " + dt + ".txt"
    OPEN fname FOR OUTPUT AS #1
    CLOSE #1
    RUN "notepad " + fname
  case "E" : run "notepad "+ getfile
  case "K" : kill getfile
  case "Q" : end
  case "R" : color 7, 0 : cls : runSource
  end select

SUB runSource
  source = UCASE(source)
  'let's clean the code up, check bracket balance
  bktCnt = 0 : ifCnt = 0 : code = ""
  FOR i = 1 TO len(source)
    char = MID(source, i, 1)
    'check to see if this is a valid instruction character
    IF INSTR(allChars, char) THEN
      code = code + char
      'count brackets
      IF char = "[" THEN bktCnt = bktCnt + 1
      IF char = "]" THEN bktCnt = bktCnt - 1
      if char = "I" Then ifCnt = ifCnt + 1
      if char = "N" then ifCnt = ifCnt - 1
    END IF
  IF bktCnt THEN 'mismatched brackets
    ? "Uneven brackets" : PAUSE : EXIT SUB
    ? "Uneven I N counts" : PAUSE : EXIT SUB
    ? code  'check
  ERASE memory
  DIM memory(memsize)
  cmd = "" : ds = "" : err = ""
  FOR i = 1 TO LEN(code) 'loop through the code
    c = MID(code, i, 1) 'get the instruction we're on
    IF INSTR("-.1234567890", c) THEN ds = ds + c
    IF INSTR(cmdChars, c) OR i = len(code) THEN 'hit next command or end
      IF cmd <> "" THEN 'execute unfinished command
        d = VAL(ds)
        'exec last cmd
        SELECT CASE cmd
        CASE "A" : memory(1) = memory(d)
        CASE "B" : memory(2) = memory(d)
        CASE "Z" : memory(0) = d
        CASE "M" : memory(d) = memory(0)
        CASE "F"
          SELECT CASE memory(1)
          CASE 0 : if memory(2) <> 0 then memory(d) = 0 else memory(d) = 1
          CASE 1 : memory(d) = RND
          CASE 2 : memory(d) = INT(memory(2))
          END SELECT
        CASE "W" : ? memory(d);
        case "C" : ? chr(d);
        CASE "?" : input test
          if isstring(test) then test = val(test)
          memory(d) = test
        END SELECT
        cmd = "" : ds = ""
      END IF 'if cmd <> ""

      'handle current cmd
      IF INSTR("WC?ABZMF", c) THEN  'get d first
        cmd = c
      ELSEIF c = "I" : IF memory(0) = 0 then Findi
          IF err <> "" THEN ? err : PAUSE : EXIT SUB
      ELSEIF c = "E" THEN
        IF err <> "" THEN ? err : PAUSE : EXIT SUB
      ELSEIF c = "P" THEN
      ELSEIF c = "X" THEN
        bktCnt = 1 'count the bracket we're on
        i = i + 1 'move the code pointer to the next char
        WHILE bktCnt <> 0
          'count nested loops till we find the matching one
          IF MID(code, i, 1) = "]" THEN bktCnt = bktCnt - 1
          IF MID(code, i, 1) = "[" THEN bktCnt = bktCnt + 1
          i = i + 1 'search forward
        i = i - 1
      ELSEIF c = "]" THEN ' end a loop if loop index is 0
        bktCnt = -1'count the bracket we're on
        i = i - 1'move the code pointer back a char
        WHILE bktCnt <> 0
          'count nested loops till we fine the matching one
          IF MID(code, i, 1) = "]" THEN bktCnt = bktCnt - 1
          IF MID(code, i, 1) = "[" THEN bktCnt = bktCnt + 1
          i = i - 1 'search backwards
        i = i + 1  '<<< ??? doesn't seem to matter i+1, i-1 or nothing 
      ELSEIF c = "%" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) % memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "^" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) ^ memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "/" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) / memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "*" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) * memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "~" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) - memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "+" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) + memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "=" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) = memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "<" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) < memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = ">" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) > memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "(" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) <= memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = ")" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) >= memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "!" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) <> memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "&" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) and memory(2)
      ELSEIF c = "|" THEN : memory(0) = memory(1) or memory(2)         
      END IF
    END IF ' ran into next command
    '? mid(code, i, 1); :input temp
  ?:? "Run is done, hit any..." : pause

SUB Findi
  'code, i, err  are global
  LOCAL cnt, c1, j
  cnt = 1
  FOR j = i + 1 TO LEN(code)
    c1 = MID(code, j, 1)
    IF c1 = "N" THEN
      cnt = cnt - 1
      IF cnt = 0 THEN i = j  : EXIT SUB
    ELSEIF c1 = "I" THEN
      cnt = cnt + 1
    ELSEIF c1 = "E" and cnt = 1 THEN
      i = j  : EXIT SUB
    END IF
  err = "Could not find N"

175 lines without EVAL or PCP... It only executes one line programs.
The first 50+ lines are doing IDE stuff.
OK here is a very small very primitive Interpreter that I can actually write a program for like the Hi Lo Guessing Game:

IEN Hi Lo Game:
Code: [Select]
P Z100 M4 Z1 A0 F3 A4 B3 * M3 Z2 A0 B3 F3 Z1 A0 B3 + M3
[ C69 C110 C116 C101 C114 C32 C97 C32 C103 C117 C101 C115 C115 C32 C102 C111 C114 C32 C109 C121 C32 C110 C117 C109 C98 C101 C114 C32 C98 C101 C116 C119 C101 C101 C110 C32 C49 C32 C97 C110 C100 C32 C49 C48 C48 C32 ?4
A4 B10 =
A4 B3 >

C72 C105 C103 C104 P
C76 C111 C119 P
C82 C105 C103 C104 C116 C33 P

The first line is creating a the number to guess. The 2nd line starts the loop with an INPUT Guess prompt. The rest is testing the guess and telling if High or Lo or Right! and Exiting. You also have the option to quit by just hitting Enter or 0 at the prompt.

In the output screen, the first 3 lines show the program stripped of all the stuff that makes it readable by humans, the string the Interpreter actually processes.

The zip pack conatins the Interpreter, 4 test files and these supplementary Help files:
Pack Contents.txt
Asc Table.txt
Convert Strings.bas program to store code for stings into a file to copy / paste into a IEN program, saves a ton of time!
Sample of Converted strings.txt file used for the Hi Lo Game.
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