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Offtopic / Re: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
« on: 23. April 2019, 16:38:23 »
Glad to see that my favourite language goes strong in at least one category :)

Well, it's been easily defeated by Basic.  ;D

Offtopic / Re: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
« on: 21. April 2019, 16:39:17 »
Intersting ..nothing about game developers which are on Windows..right?

Stack Overflow is a part of Stack Exchange. Game developers have their own place there. There is also place for retro computing, webmasters and many more (not limited to technology).

..most of us are hobbyist...soooo  ;D

So, we should have a look at this. ;)

Offtopic / Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
« on: 17. April 2019, 17:16:59 »
Linux is the most popular platform for developers (however in many cases it is not the main one - Windows is). Rust, Python, TypeScript and Kotlin are the most loved languages. Visual Basic is the most dreaded one (followed by Objective-C and Assembly). Python, JavaScript and Go are the most wanted ones. Linux is the most loved platform, Wordpress - the most dreaded one and Docker the most wanted one.

EDIT Absence of Perl in dreaded languages is a bit surprising.

Offtopic / 8-bit art
« on: 11. April 2019, 19:08:31 »

Offtopic / Re: Re: Why Avoid BASIC on RPi?
« on: 11. April 2019, 16:34:34 »
Why does it matter?

It doesn't. Or it does, but only for "internet BASIC woriors" who can't accept that BASIC isn't mainstream anymore and want to prove BASIC's greatness to people who neither listen to them or are interested in BASIC. Those who simply like to code in BASIC, do it and don't care about its place in today's programming landscape.

No I do not. Didn't I just say that? I used to buy them, but I stopped years ago. And the main reason was Raspberry Pi. Well, maybe I'm an old school guy, but I like to read paper magazines. The problem is that majority of more advanced ones don't exist anymore and what's left is mainly "computer for seniors" or "what should I buy" stuff. Younger generations have moved to the web. So have I.

I know. My second post was a reply to that, because I can't see a reason for reacting the way he did. I just wanted to spread a word about his new forum. Maybe I shouldn't have included my opinion about Raspberry Pi, but to be honest - why? Raspberry Pi is a reason why I've stopped buying paper Linux magazines. To many pages dedicated to something I have no interest to use at all. And I really know several people who have PIs, but don't use them at all.

This is just a simple info about the new forum. Plus my opinion about Raspberry Pi. Other people can do/think whathever they want as long as they don't expect me to do/think what they do/think.

John has started another forum. This time it's dedicated for people who code in BASIC on Raspberry PI.

Myself, I have never considered getting Raspberry Pi. I just don't get it what's so great about it. I know several people who have it, but they never use it for anything. It's just a toy, a gadget you buy and after a couple of days put in your cupboard.

General questions and discussions / FreeBasic deb packages
« on: 10. April 2019, 17:16:36 »
On the FreeBasic forum there are deb packages for easy installation on Debian based distros. Has anyone used them?

Offtopic / Re: qb64 examples
« on: 10. April 2019, 16:28:00 »
I am member there (on that forum) and visit maybe once a week.
qb64 forum looks to me like a big chat-room  ;D
and i cannot figured who is the main admin there
and what is that whole bunch of extensions means... _xxx _xxL
but who care  :)

And the reason you decided to make this confession today is?  ???

Offtopic / Re: Emulators
« on: 30. March 2019, 16:33:51 »

C64 was my first computer and I never had so much fun with computers after that. Also, my knowledge about C64 was much more advanced than my knowledge about modern hardware. I knew everything about that little machine. SID, VIC, assembly, BASIC, structure of the memory... What I lacked was good programming skills. I could create basic effects, but still have no idea how all the advanced demos were made.  :)

Code and examples / Re: tiny tokenizer microAT
« on: 29. March 2019, 19:50:07 »
A new commercial DAW for C64 with scripting utilities?

Code and examples / Re: tiny tokenizer microAT
« on: 29. March 2019, 17:11:58 »
And how much it is for commercial use?  ;D

General questions and discussions / Re: I need a favour
« on: 28. March 2019, 21:50:15 »
Yes! Thanx a lot! :)

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