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Community news and announcements / Re: Discorunner Successor: PERCOL-8
« on: 11. November 2017, 21:47:49 »
This looks like the latest incarnation...

Interesting post here from Richard Russell.

He has converted David Williams' game to run in BBCSDL (Richard's cross-platform version of BBC BASIC)

The latest (free) version of BBCSDL can be downloaded from here:

Community news and announcements / Re: Game Competition
« on: 04. November 2017, 21:58:06 »
wait... do game coders come here?

Well, most of the activity on this forum is in the '' section rather than the '' section...and most of the master coders here are developers of their own BASIC dialects.

Having said that, both Cybermonkey and Marcus are game coders...there may be some others who lurk...

@B+ Have you ever been tempted to write a game? You like graphics and you have the necessary skill and ability. I guess you also need the time and motivation too...

If you were to write a game, what BASIC dialect would you use?

Lots of game ideas here at World of Spectrum

Here is another forum for indie and retro game coders - its called 'SyntaxBomb'

They are running a 'Code a game competition'.

Too late for entries now but I thought the site and the games might be of interest to people here...and there is always next year  :)

Looks like most entries are coded in different flavours of Blitz BASIC but one of the entries is coded in BBC BASIC for Windows 'Forces of Darkness' by David Williams a.k.a BasicBoy,3325.45.html

Here is a YouTube video of the game in action:

David Williams is also the author of the games found on the site mentioned in this older thread:

Code and examples / Re: Halloween Reoccurence
« on: 02. November 2017, 22:19:21 »
Hi Richey, what do they do for Halloween across the pond? Anything special for teachers?

Hi B+

Well, Halloween has British Celtic roots and is derived from Gaelic and Welsh traditions before being later influenced and shaped by Christianity. As D says, we celebrate it pretty much the same as you do in the US with pumpkins, dunking for apples (we still do that!) and children dressing up as witches and ghouls etc. No trick-or-treaters this year though and my own daughter went to a Halloween party. Nothing special for teachers in my daughters school, although the children had a Halloween disco. Now we are looking forward to Guy Fawkes Night on 5th Nov - lots of fireworks, which I guess you don't celebrate in the US (or anywhere else except in the UK - and perhaps UK dependent territories and Commonwealth countries  :) )

Thanks B+

I'll look to re-write my code when I have time for programming again  ::)

I have come up with the following code in SpecBAS in response to a programming challenge to create an AI guessing game.

The aim is to get the computer to generate a random number and then for the computer to try and guess the number.

I can get the computer to eventually guess the randomly generated number but only through increments or decrements of 1.

Is there a way of getting the computer to reach the randomly generated number through a process of elimination as a human would, which may or may not necessarily be done through increments / decrements of 1?

Here is my code...

Code: [Select]
5 REM AI Guessing Game
20 LET AIChoose=INT(RND*100)
30 PRINT "The number is ";AIChoose
60 LET AIGuess=INT(RND*100)
80 DO
90 IF AIGuess<AIChoose THEN INC AIGuess,AIGuess TO 100
95 IF AIGuess>AIChoose THEN DEC AIGuess,AIGuess TO AIChoose
110 PRINT "Is it ";AIGuess;"?"
120 IF AIGuess=AIChoose THEN EXIT
130 LOOP UNTIL AIGuess=AIChoose
140 PRINT "Yes, the number I guessed was ";AIGuess;" and the number you chose was ";AIChoose
150 STOP

Many thanks in advance for any help. Any other suggestions for improvements would also be greatly appreciated.

Tutorials and articles / Under 5 Minute BASIC tutorials
« on: 30. July 2017, 00:36:39 »
A nice little site with 'less than 5 minute tutorials' in Sinclair BASIC

Originally posted at the World of Spectrum forums - ideal for people like me trying to squeeze programming time into their busy schedules...

Code and examples / Re: DJPeter Math Solver in o2
« on: 28. July 2017, 09:24:43 »
Hey you're still alive! You make a fine point about JB and I did forget about LB also!!!...I learn my ship through forums now that they don't write books for this stuff. People are more fun than books anyway, ... well... they can be. ;-))

PS It was the EVAL with () that Richard posted at JB forum that had me downloading LBB again. Alas, that post, that whole thread was deleted without explanation.  >:(

Hi B+


You could always still visit the JB forum but have you thought about joining the LB Booster conforum as well? I see that Aurel is a member. I'm sure that Richard and the community would appreciate your code examples, which you could post under the 'Showcase' section.

Best wishes


Code and examples / Re: DJPeter Math Solver in o2
« on: 26. July 2017, 23:28:29 »
I thought that most BASICs had some sort of EVAL function built in that can evaluate pretty much any expression you care to give it? I know Sinclair BASIC back in '82 (and possible as far back as '80) definitely had one.

Code: [Select]
5 REM Sinclair BASIC and SpecBAS
10 PRINT VAL ("1 + 2")

Yes, the old ones (and the re-imagined old ones  ;)) are the best  :)

Code and examples / Re: DJPeter Math Solver in o2
« on: 26. July 2017, 23:21:11 »
EVAL...It is in Liberty Basic and maybe the LB Booster (I think, if Richey is still looking in he might verify.)

I still check in now and again when I can find the time  :)

Yes, LBB does indeed have EVAL

Code: [Select]
PRINT EVAL ("1 + 2")

output = 3

Btw I'm not sure why people still use JB when LBB is also free to download and use and has the additional advantage of having all of the features of Liberty BASIC (which JB does not) but without the bugs  ::)

Offtopic / Re: Programming history
« on: 12. May 2017, 07:06:17 »

of course at the time I had my hands full managing a job...

...I like the funny clothes and haircuts we once had.

Sounds like me now  :)

Interestingly, the second link contains a defence of BASIC in the programme following a call from a viewer during a phone-in slot.

Offtopic / Re: Programming history
« on: 11. May 2017, 21:43:37 »
Yes, I remember it well.

There was also this - Making the Most of the Micro

and this...BBC Micro live (this episode being introduced by a rather interesting character)

Also well worth watching is Micro Men. A docudrama based on the battle between Sinclair and Acorn back in the day (you might recognise Martin Freeman as Bilbo in the film version of the Hobbit). You can find it on youtube.

Community news and announcements / Recent BASIC releases
« on: 10. May 2017, 00:10:20 »
Having been away for a while, I return to find not only a new version of SpecBAS (hooray!) but also new versions of BBC BASIC, Liberty BASIC and Liberty BASIC Booster too.

BBC BASIC for Windows version 6.10a

BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 v0.17a for Win32, Linux(x86), MAC OS-X, Android and Raspberry PI (note this is free to download and use)

Liberty BASIC (currently released as v4.5.1 Beta 4)

LBB v3.07

Like London buses - you miss one and then several come along all at once!

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