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Offtopic / Re: 2018/2019
« on: 07. January 2019, 00:30:29 »
Sorry about the C64 confusion. I was referring to the mini. It has been a pretty popular device and has been a gateway for a lot of younger tech enthusiasts to discover BASIC. As far as BASIC on the pi, I think a few dialects are on there already but they arent able to access the GPIO interfaces like python can. I know at least for freeBasic, they are still actively developing it. It has matured to a point where constant updates just are not necessary which is normal for any software. BASIC is not as widely used for the same reason Linux isn't. Every BASIC is different. But thats not necessarily a bad thing. It means more choices for the programmer.

Offtopic / Re: 2018/2019
« on: 06. January 2019, 01:21:43 »
I personally think it was a good year for BASIC. We had the  c64 gain alot of success, multiple winners in syntax bombs jams that were written in BBC BASIC, and many of us dialect developers released new versions of our languages in 2018. Its not realistic for BASIC to become mainstream in a industry that is quickly moving toward standardization but it is far from dead.

General questions and discussions / Re: Yabasic
« on: 13. October 2018, 01:51:37 »
I think a big part of its popularity for me was that sony created an official port of it to PS2. And at the time it was one of the best basi variants available for free.

SmallBASIC / Re: Geany configuration file (dedicated to Aurel).
« on: 04. October 2018, 03:23:14 »
This is actually the same method I used to add suuport for  rcbasic in geany. As long as you have the commands set in filetype config file it will work. There is a few things you might want to be aware of. First, if the compiler/interpreter are not installed in the PATH environment variable you will need to add it manually or have the absolute path to them in your config file. Next, this is not a big deal but geany parses based on explicit declarations. That means if you don't use DIM to declare a variable it will not appear in the symbols tab on the project explorer panel. If I am saying stuff you already knew then feel free to ignore this. I just try to share knowledge whenever I can.

Offtopic / Re: How old are you?
« on: 30. September 2018, 19:57:54 »
I don't plan on leaving. I just thought it was interesting to see where I was in age compared to alot of members here. It actually makes sense with how alot of people talk about line numbers from older variants of BASIC. I learned to code with QBASIC so I never really dealt much some of the limitations many of you have. Its still cool to see where others influences come from.

General questions and discussions / Re: Is there ....
« on: 13. September 2018, 08:05:39 »
I should come by here more often. There is always some interesting topics. I actually use VBA at work all day (I absolutely hate it). I doubt anyone BASIC dialect will ever be the defacto standard. Even the most basic example, PRINT "HELLO WORLD", is not syntax compatible across every dialect.

Offtopic / Re: How old are you?
« on: 13. September 2018, 07:48:19 »
lelldorin? noob! (RC Basic) maybe younger?

I actually turn 31 next month. I actually thought for the longest time that everyone here was around my age LOL

Offtopic / Re: Goodbye SdlBasic
« on: 29. January 2018, 18:49:20 »
SdlBasic forum is back up. They were hacked and thats why they went offline.

Offtopic / Re: Goodbye SdlBasic
« on: 29. January 2018, 00:20:30 »
You're right. I don't think sdlBasic is quite through yet either. SdlBasic is what got me back into programming about 6 or 7 years ago. I actually still use it to benchmark features that I add to my project. And as far as I know, it is the only Basic dialect that has been ported to a game console since yabasic on the ps2. So cheers sdlBasic.

Offtopic / Re: Goodbye SdlBasic
« on: 27. January 2018, 04:41:30 »
Sdlbasic itself is still around even if the forum is gone. It does seem like every retro programming community is slowly dying. Not just sdlbasic but all of our projects live or die with there communties. I only have 2 active members left on rcbasic's forum so my project is slowly coming to an end as well.

Other Languages / Re: Any Linux users who can test naalaa?
« on: 17. January 2018, 02:23:59 »
Hey @Marcus I haven't been on here in a while so I thought I would just drop in and see what everyone is working on. I tested your editor and a few of the examples on my machine.

Here is the specs on my machine:
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
8GB ram
Onboard intel graphics (I burned my graphics card out a week ago)
Intel Core 2 quad Q9650 clocked at 3.00GHZ

And here are the demos I ran:
All the simple demos
lunar lander
raycaster maze
gargoyle attack

All the demos I tried ran fine. All the sound was working for the demos that had it. The only problem I encountered was in the help menu both documentation and forum lead to dead links.

Hopefully this helped.

Offtopic / Re: Julia Language
« on: 21. September 2016, 21:18:49 »
I am running Ubuntu 16.10. It didn't take that long to start for me but I haven't tried any external packages yet. I just tried some of the code in the manual to get a feel for the language. When I get home I will try to get a simple openGL demo running to see what my load times are like. I also want to see julia's potential for web development as the syntax is way easier to understand than python.

Offtopic / Re: Julia Language
« on: 21. September 2016, 19:35:34 »
I looked at the julia language. It has a number of impressive features but I was honestly most impressed with unicode support for variable and function names. It seems to borrow a little from lua which is definitely not a bad thing as I have been using lua quite a bit lately. I also noticed that it has a package for SDL which is my preferred library for any type of graphics programming as well as a package for openGL. I am still playing around with it but I am impressed so far.

Games / Re: Side-Scrolling platformer demo
« on: 15. September 2016, 14:43:04 »
I finally uploaded my complete engine with all the tools I made.


Games / Re: Side-Scrolling platformer demo
« on: 09. September 2016, 22:10:30 »
I also created some tools to use with the engine like a animation editor for sprites and a map editor although they are both buggy and unfinished right now.  If you are interested I can post my engine in its current state just to show what it's capable of right now. I was going to make a few simple games first but decided to try to make a more complex game which is why I am still working on getting a basic demo up.

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