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Examples / Re: Raycaster map through new lib
« on: 15. August 2014, 01:00:52 »
Nice game Mopz.
You even had particles and see thru gates/doors.   8)

Examples / Re: Raycaster map through new lib
« on: 06. August 2014, 00:16:00 »
Looking good Mopz.

Can you have rooms over rooms or is there just the one ground?

Examples / Re: Raycaster map through new lib
« on: 15. July 2014, 23:32:05 »
I told you I was doing something wrong.
Seems like the new gl_next.dll did not overwrite the old one.
I downloaded the demo again, and made sure to use the new dll and presto...
Blade was running through the environment.

Examples / Re: Raycaster map through new lib
« on: 15. July 2014, 01:07:16 »
I must be doing something wrong.  :P
Your latest (td_example2) demo does not run for me.

I get "Line 1: Missing DLL function"
I can run the previous demo (td_example) fine.

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Examples / Re: Raycaster map through new lib
« on: 13. July 2014, 23:20:57 »

Hope you feel better.
I like the idea of walking around and making the level.
For billboards, I guess I just meant 2d sprites in general.
They would be good for HUD's, text, and such things.

Examples / Re: Raycaster map through new lib
« on: 13. July 2014, 17:15:51 »
Hi Mopz,

Your demos keep getting better and better.

I agree with Cybermonkey regarding the motion when turning; it makes me a bit sea sick.

In looking at the sourcecode for the example, it is cool to see how little code is required.
Just load a map and add some controls for player movement.
I am curious how you modified the rc editor to allow for height.
I liked the spiral ramp in the demo map.
Being able to place lights would be a great addition.
What type of models and or billboards do you hope to support?

Examples / Re: Raycaster map through new lib
« on: 04. July 2014, 22:35:45 »
Looking good Mopz.

BrowserBasic / Convert BrowserBasic project to Android .apk
« on: 12. April 2014, 16:40:27 »
This program, made by Charles Strawbridge aka mrchay, allows you to take an html5 project and convert it to an Android .apk very simply.

Project page =

In short : you need the Java Run time (JRE) but apparently not the Dev. Kit (JDK) installed.
You then copy your html5 project to the html5 folder and run the go.bat file.
In about a minute, the console window closes, and you have a signed apk in the same folder at the go.bat file.
The key used is a generic one but you can create your own (Google how) and place it in the key folder.

The download from the project page above includes 7z.exe and 7z.dll in the tools folder.
It appears that these are for 64 bit Windows OSes.
I replaced both of these files from my 32 bit install of 7-zip and it worked fine on my WinXP 32 bit OS.

Other Languages / Re: PiraBASIC - Make.Games
« on: 08. February 2014, 01:56:46 »
Hello again Jared.

I remember back in 2011 I was a beta tester for one of your creations: PyroBASIC.
Simvector Games
SimVector Technologies

It appears that you have been honing your craft and have produced your best work so far.

I am always interested in BASIC programming languages.
However, I seem to have very little free time nowadays.
I would like to take your latest creation, PiraBASIC, for a spin.
Having the IDE for PiraBASIC would make using it quicker and more likely for all of us who just want to jump in and play with it for a bit.

Is it possible to release the IDE in its current state?

What is the license for PiraBASIC?


BrowserBasic / Re: New version released; v0.6
« on: 08. February 2014, 01:16:39 »
Hi SteveOW,

The program just uses sockets.
It opens a TCP socket.
Binds the socket to port 80.
Then listens for incoming connections on port 80.
When your browser attempts to connect to the IP address,
it defaults to port 80.
The programs accepts the connection.
Then any HTTP requests are processed by the program.
Well not too many HTTP commands are supported, but GET is one of them.
(e.g. GET /index.html)
The program processes the GET command and checks to see if the file requested exists.
If it does exist, then file is streamed out the socket.

It is a very simple web server, it can not do ASP or CGI or anything along those lines.
Nor are many HTTP commands implemented.  It can not POST, there are no cookies.  Only the minimum to spit out an HTML 5 game file.

BrowserBasic / Re: requests
« on: 24. November 2013, 22:14:28 »
For me the demo ran a bit slow also.
Three.js is a nice interface to WebGL.
I bet it did not take long to understand Three.js and make the demo.
There are lots of people using Three.js.

BrowserBasic / Re: New version released; v0.6
« on: 24. September 2013, 13:38:47 »
Thanks for the information regarding Android Linux.

Is my browser accessing the local webserver thru internal PC communications or is it getting it from the wireless signal?
I believe it is from the wireless.

BrowserBasic / Re: requests
« on: 01. September 2013, 23:12:29 »

I have no plans for 3D right now.
I would love to see them in your Browzic.

Examples / Re: BrowserBasic - touch example
« on: 31. August 2013, 16:38:35 »
how do you change the background color for comment fields in PN.exe?
Good question, no joy here either.

Examples / Re: BrowserBasic - touch example
« on: 31. August 2013, 15:51:02 »
should be changed to OnTouchReleased and OnTouchMoved
These have been changed in the help manual and will be in the next release.

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