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Code and examples / Re: Tic Tac Toe
« on: 08. June 2018, 18:00:02 »
Yes, I remember that one!

I think the character then took a day off from school in next film. ;D

Life moves pretty fast. If you donít stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.
Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?  ;D

EGSL / Re: EGSL Website
« on: 13. May 2018, 18:55:15 »
Sorry, it should have been "admit" ..  :)

EGSL / Re: EGSL Website
« on: 13. May 2018, 10:16:10 »
The source code is still available for download on the EGSL website. I have to damit admit that the source is not well commented. Unfortunately an old habbit of me. On the other hand I think it's not really hard to understand the functions and which parameters are needed ...

CybermonkeyLua / Re: Version 1.4.0
« on: 14. March 2018, 18:22:42 »
Damned ... >:(
I have no time to check this at the moment, so the Windows download is now temporarily removed.

CybermonkeyLua / Version 1.4.0
« on: 10. March 2018, 16:44:38 »
A new version is out!
What is new:   
  • renamed to CybermonkeyLua
  • completely moved to Lua 5.3
  • changed a few examples to work with Lua 5.3
  • moveto (x,y) - moves graphics cursor to x,y coordinates
  • drawto (x,y) - draws a line from actual graphics cursor position to x,y
  • maxrows() - returns maximal available rows for text output
  • maxcolumns() - returns maximal available columns for text output
  • getx() - x postition of graphical cursor
  • gety() - y position of graphical cursor
Downloads are as usual on the web site:

CybermonkeyLua / Re: Porting CMLua to Haiku OS
« on: 08. March 2018, 18:38:46 »
Do you mean the CMLua here: ?
Then it's not possible, because it uses ptcgraph for graphics which is IMHO not available on Haiku.

EGSL / Re: EGSL Website
« on: 28. February 2018, 20:06:01 »
Yes, I know. Since this isn't developed anymore, the website won't be updated anymore. Sooner or later it might "vanish into thin air", as Sherlock Holmes might have said ...  ;)

EGSL / Re: EGSL with LUA 5.3
« on: 28. February 2018, 20:03:57 »
No, there isn't. EGSL isn't developed any further. The successor Pulsar2D (which uses SDL2) will be soon released for Lua 5.3.

Offtopic / MOVED: Indroducing BASIC8
« on: 27. January 2018, 15:26:41 »
This topic has been moved to Community news and announcements.
It's a BAISC after all - so not offtopic.

Offtopic / Re: The Joyful Programmer's Forum
« on: 28. December 2017, 19:38:52 »
Hm, now login works again.

Offtopic / Re: Merry Christmas !
« on: 25. December 2017, 11:07:15 »
Merry Christmas everyone!

Offtopic / The Joyful Programmer's Forum
« on: 24. December 2017, 10:14:27 »
Since today I can't log in anymore ... I've entered the correct password but the all I got is: "YOUR JOYFUL MEMBERSHIP CREDENTIALS HAVE NOT BEEN IDENTIFIED. PLEASE ENTER YOUR CREDENTIALS OR JOIN OUR JOYFUL COMMUNITY."

Code and examples / Re: Halloween Reoccurence
« on: 01. November 2017, 16:52:08 »
Not a big deal here in Germany. We have Carnival (usually in February), or as we call it in southern Germany: "Fasnet".


EGSL / Re: can you help me with tiles?
« on: 10. September 2017, 09:56:12 »
It's similar to the bitmapfont function.

Let's assume you have an image with two tiles in it. Now you can load your image with
Code: [Select]
mytile=loadtileset ("image.png",1,2,"ab") or if you already loaded the image
Code: [Select]
The string is similar to the fontface of a bitmapfont, so if you want to draw the first tile you do the following:
Code: [Select]
drawtile (0, 0, "a", mytile)the second tile
Code: [Select]
drawtile (0, 0, "b", mytile)or a longer line (with both tiles)
Code: [Select]
drawtile (0, 0, "aaabbaabbbbaaaabbaaa", mytile)
It's not very nice as you can see, I recommend it only for background drawing where no tiles are changing because string manipulation is slower than using numbers. (And of course you are limited to a string which means if you are using the alphabet you can handle with upper and lower case 52 tiles.)

That's it! And life is so desperately short...

Life moves pretty fast. If you donít stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.  ;)

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