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BrowserBasic / Convert BrowserBasic project to Android .apk
« on: 12. April 2014, 16:40:27 »
This program, made by Charles Strawbridge aka mrchay, allows you to take an html5 project and convert it to an Android .apk very simply.

Project page =

In short : you need the Java Run time (JRE) but apparently not the Dev. Kit (JDK) installed.
You then copy your html5 project to the html5 folder and run the go.bat file.
In about a minute, the console window closes, and you have a signed apk in the same folder at the go.bat file.
The key used is a generic one but you can create your own (Google how) and place it in the key folder.

The download from the project page above includes 7z.exe and 7z.dll in the tools folder.
It appears that these are for 64 bit Windows OSes.
I replaced both of these files from my 32 bit install of 7-zip and it worked fine on my WinXP 32 bit OS.

Examples / BrowserBasic - touch example
« on: 18. August 2013, 19:15:54 »
You need to access this example with a touch enabled device.

When the screen is touched a circle is created.
As long as you hold this touch the circle will grow for awhile.
If you continue to hold and drag your finger the circle will follow your finger.
When you release your finger the circle will shrink until it disappears.


When testing touch devices:
  • Watch the speed at which the circle grows and shrinks
  • Watch how well the circle tracks the movement of your finger
  • Note how many fingers on the screen produce a circle

The program allows you to put multiple fingers on the touch screen and get multiple circles.
My Samsung Droid Charge only allows for 1 circle at a time.

Online link

BrowserBasic code:
Code: [Select]
var off as number = 0
var grow as number = 1
var shrink as number = 2

Type TCircle
var x as number
var y as number
var radius as number = 100
var alpha as number
var color as string
var index as number
var state as number = off

    var circles [10] as TCircle ' an array to hold all of the circles

' Load is here used for basic setup only (line width, for the animated circles)
function OnLoad ()

function OnDraw()
  var i as number
  for i = 0 to UBound(circles) - 1
If circles[i].state <> off then
If circles[i].state = grow then
circles[i].radius = circles[i].radius + 1
if circles[i].radius > 300 then
circles[i].radius = 300

If circles[i].state = shrink then
circles[i].radius = circles[i].radius - 1
if circles[i].radius < 0 then
circles[i].radius = 0
circles[i].state = off

fillCircle(circles[i].x, circles[i].y, circles[i].radius)


' When a finger touches the screen, show a circle expanding away
function OnTouchPressed(finger as number, x as number, y as number)
circles[finger].state = grow
circles[finger].x = x
circles[finger].y = y
circles[finger].radius = 50

' When a finger leaves the screen, draw a circle "compressing to the point where
' the finger was
function OnTouchReleased(finger as number, x as number, y as number)
circles[finger].state = shrink
circles[finger].x = x
circles[finger].y = y

function OnTouchMoved(finger as number, x as number, y as number)
circles[finger].x = x
circles[finger].y = y

BrowserBasic / New version released; v0.6
« on: 27. July 2013, 21:50:26 »
New version released. v0.6
Saturday, July 27, 2013

fixed Chrome browser not opening correctly from the editor.
added getFPS   note: it is internally locked to run at 60 fps.
Fixed bug in draw positions of ellipses.
added Atan2 syntax in addition to the existing Atn2.
added some physics commands.
added ability of the editor to go to error line by clicking on the error message in       the output window.
added abilty to have types in types.
added ability to to declare and assign a value to numeric and string variables
      e.g.  var x as number = 55
added ability to have an external JS function return multiple values
    Type TPoint
var x as number
var y as number
var point as TPoint
point = GetPosition()
        'returns point.x and point.y
Changed the way that file names are look at so that file names with a
2 character extension e.g. .bb should work.
added CreateCanvas, setCanvas, and getCanvas commands (for example see ex_paint.txt)
added a preview hotkey for the Opera Browser
F8 - Runs the HTML page in Opera.
F9 - Starts the BrowserBasic WiFi Server
F10 - Launches help file.

Download Here

BrowserBasic / physics
« on: 19. July 2013, 02:22:17 »

Try it online by clicking here

Left and right arrow keys to move,
spacebar to jump.

You are the blue square.

BrowserBasic / New release v0.5
« on: 02. July 2013, 03:09:01 »
added ability to have multiple elseif statements
added ability to use Parentheses in mathematical statements
   ex: z = ((x + y) * (4/2)) - (11 * 1)
   and in logical expressions
   ex: If (foo = 3) OR (bar = "good") then
added setpixel
added getpixel
added strokeEllipse
added fillEllipse
added OpenURL
fixed comment character insertion in the editor

Download Here

BrowserBasic / Looking for a logo for BrowserBasic
« on: 28. June 2013, 23:17:18 »
SteveOW suggested that BrowserBasic could use a logo.
So, since I can't draw a crooked line I am hoping that someone here could come up with a logo.
The winning design's author gets .... uhm... the winner gets... to know that their design was the winning one. :P

BrowserBasic / Announcing BrowserBasic
« on: 24. May 2013, 16:39:09 »
I hope the members here in this forum are not too adverse to trying JS/HTML5.
I have been working on a project that allows you to type in code in a BASIC-like syntax and it outputs working Javascript and uses HTML5 tags.
It is not a very 'retro' thing, so maybe this is the wrong audience....?

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