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Offtopic / Asus Google Nexus 7 inch Tablet
« on: 22. July 2013, 12:46:27 »
I dont know much about tablets and dont have a smartphone.
I'm thinking of getting one of these as a carry (almost) everywhere device (couch, train, bar, beach,...)
Anyone else out there got one or got advice?

BrowserBasic / requests
« on: 30. June 2013, 18:54:08 »

I wonder is there any chance of getting two extra functions in the next release of BB:- strokeEllipse, fillEllipse?

= = = = =

Also do you think it would be possible to have a "goto" command (and associated label statement)?
I assumed that javascript doesnt have such capability but after reading the following link the picture isnt clear.

cheers, SteveOW.

Just realized a simple way to implement goto:
Basic:  Goto LabelOne          JS:   If (1==2) {   //...Goto LabelOne
Basic:  LabelOne:                JS:   }                //...LabelOne:
leave it to the programmer to avoid jumping across control structures.

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