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Offtopic / Speed up installation of Windows programmes
« on: 18. October 2013, 12:09:12 »
Hi - saw a recommendation for an app called Ninite in a magazine in the UK - it lets you select programs from a (limited) list, and will then download and install all of them with no further user intervention - this is really useful for me, as I need to re-install Windows quite frequently and it's so useful to be able to let the app run and forget about it. None of the unwanted tool bars that seem to come with most apps nowadays are installed.

Games / Air Hockey - a NaaLaa coffee time game
« on: 14. October 2013, 21:00:13 »
Hi - here's a version of a very old game I used to play on an old Palm PDA in the 1990's.....I'm not sure how the phrase "coffee time game" translates, but I'm using it here to excuse a game that really seemed more fun back then! I don't see that this will keep anyone's attention for more than a few minutes to be honest, but I had fun writing it......

Games / NaaLaa - a small MultiScreen Platformer
« on: 13. April 2013, 20:04:02 » of my current projects which I am still actively working on and changing each time I look at it....I would appreciate any suggestions you have for improvements, or details of any bugs that you find...instructions are in the game, but the main thing to remember is that you can add or remove sections of the wall just by clicking on the screen where you want to make the change (but not at the edges) - but it costs you 10 seconds each time so use sparingly....thank you.....Kevin
Edit - I've found a more serious error in the code where the Player can get stuck and you need to force the program to close - so I've removed the attachement while I work on an improved version........

Games / NaaLaa - MissileCommand
« on: 04. January 2013, 21:41:06 »
 Hi - this is a simple game based on the 1980's game Missile Command ..... I am working on an improved version now, which will probably include more missile bases and maybe some of the attacking missiles splitting into 2 randomly. This was really a test for me to make sure that I could get the mechanics of the game working properly (more or less).
 I'm happy to add the source code if anyone wants it, but at the moment it is embarrassingly  messy, so I'd like to clean it up first.
 Level 1 is really simple, aimed just for the player to get used to the controls - this is why I have added the options to start at higher levels to the front menu.
 This is my first real attempt at a full (simple) game, and I would really appreciate any feedback, particularly on things that I could look to improve on or add into the new version, if anyone has the time or desire to do so? ...I'm happy to accept criticism because I want to improve, so don't worry about upsetting me....Thanks

rem --------------------------------------------
rem -------------  thanks to   -----------------
rem ------  CVirus for the Menu system  --------
rem ---   JSM for the High Score Library  ------
rem -- and of course MOPZ for creating NaaLaa --
rem ------  and sharing it with us -------------
rem --------------------------------------------
rem ----- sound files from -------
rem --------------------------------------------

****  updated zip file is on the second page *****

Offtopic / Membership stats
« on: 16. November 2012, 22:18:41 »
Hi....clicking on "more stats" at the bottom of the home page shows 101 members at the end of the stats, as opposed to 30 odd on the home page - is this a glitch in the software or am I missing something? Just curious really, I think 30 odd is really good for the first week as I think there weren't that many more on the old forum........maybe some duplications?

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