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Games / Re: TriQuad Remake
« on: 21. July 2019, 22:47:24 »

   Much better than the one I made. Thanks for sharing.

   I noticed a slight problem with qb64, when I was downloading. I have a habit of copy and paste to notepad or wordpad when I get a short program from a forum. This does not work with qb64.
   I had to paste straight to the qb64 editor. There is some problem somewhere with the text format that causes errors.


Code and examples / Re: CyberSlots...... Game made with Blitz3d
« on: 08. July 2019, 14:18:17 »
 Thanks for warning me. What was missing? Was it a Windows thing with missing Dll's ?

Code and examples / CyberSlots...... Game made with Blitz3d
« on: 06. July 2019, 23:54:13 »
  I purchased Blitz3d several years ago for 100 dollars. I played with it for awhile and got sidetracked.

  There are a lot of languages out there to try out, so I got side tracked.

  I recently noticed that it has been recently pushed to the open source category and it occurred to me that it might be a good choice for this website, so I decided to give it another try. ( Go to google to get a copy)

 I updated an old game I made called "Cyberslots". It is a simple math game that I use to keep my mind from going to a complete stop.

Code and examples / Re: Sliding Blocks Puzzle
« on: 29. January 2019, 23:07:53 »
 I have not done much with Small Basic at this time.
 … a few small graphics examples. Maybe some day I will get inspired.

Code and examples / Re: Sliding Blocks Puzzle
« on: 29. January 2019, 15:11:59 »
 Nice work Mark. Your small basic version works fine.

Offtopic / Re: mini Linux distros
« on: 18. January 2019, 19:34:04 »
 What I want to do is to be able to test the Linux version of NaaLaa and sdlbasic.

Offtopic / Re: mini Linux distros
« on: 18. January 2019, 16:34:17 »
 Linux is nice. I had it installed on a previous computer. When that computer died, so did Linux.

 What I need now, is a Linux simulator that runs on Windows10, and does not need disk partitions.

Offtopic / Re: Android or Apple
« on: 08. December 2018, 15:46:59 »

  Mobile devices are too hard to look at . I'd rather have a 13 inch screen.

  I think it's just a fad. If Windows laptops had been invented after toy phones, I think the fad would have been quickly ended.

Code and examples / Re: Networking with the Stars
« on: 29. November 2018, 14:51:40 »
  Just when we thought it was safe to use the fire place...

Offtopic / Re: Naalaa forum?
« on: 20. November 2018, 23:20:19 »
 Cool idea.
 If we had a dedicated NaaLaa section on this forum, the problem would be solved.

Offtopic / Re: Naalaa forum?
« on: 18. November 2018, 14:52:31 »
 I hope it comes back.

Offtopic / Re: Hello Guests
« on: 18. November 2018, 14:50:03 »
  Must be really nice to get 380 guests on one website. I'm doing good when I just get 1.

Code and examples / Re: Networking with the Stars
« on: 17. November 2018, 17:17:59 »

 Cool stuff. All you need now is a star gate. 8)

Offtopic / Re: How old are you?
« on: 12. September 2018, 15:23:44 »

Community news and announcements / Re: Microsoft Small Basic Online
« on: 12. September 2018, 02:43:25 »
Small Basic Home Page

Also hitting public preview is an online version of Microsoft’s spare-time project, Small Basic. The language, aimed at inflicting BASIC on students, celebrates its 10th birthday in October and features a limited set of functions, while being surprisingly fun to tinker with.

Microsoft plans to eventually shift the entire project to Open Source, but in the meantime the online version provides a way into the wonderful world of BASIC for users unable to install the current desktop version of the tool.

Small Basic has built in online dictionary syntax as part of the language.

  Maybe, if it goes open Source, we will be able to get rid of the big words, and make a real Basic out of it.

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