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I responded to the survey as a VB user.  VB6 that is. I use it because I have a lot of legacy graphical stuff written with it that just isnt worth migrating.  I hardly ever use Basic these days having gone over to javascript and THREE.js for 3D animated graphics.  I would have preferred to stay with VB6 if it would have evolved in a nice way.  I looked at VB.NET some years ago but the learning curve looked too steep back then.

BrowserBasic / Re: Convert BrowserBasic project to Android .apk
« on: 01. May 2014, 01:16:01 »
That (mrchay) looks interesting (but I havent tried it yet).

I just found out about another technique for getting HTML5 apps to run "natively" on Android OS.

The author adds 2 lines of code to his .html file, and an icon image to his project on the server.

      <meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">
           <link rel="icon" sizes="196x196" href="SW_196_x_196.png">

The Android user needs to install the browser "ChromeBETA" on his android device (free from the Play Store).
When the user has loaded the html page from the server into his ChromeBETA browser he can select the browser menu option "add to home screen".
ChromeBeta will then install a standalone app with a shortcut icon on the user's desktop/home screen (using the supplied icon image).
This app can then be run as a standalone application (without needing online access).
Seems to work OK (e.g.

Limitations:- ChromeBETA is a bit unstable for a regular user.

It would be nice if all browsers could do this. ::)

Other Languages / Re: JavaScript and HTML5
« on: 29. April 2014, 12:41:03 »
Just out of interest
(seeing as you are now looking at C# etc)
how far did you get with JavaScript and HTML5?

BrowserBasic / Re: New version released; v0.6
« on: 08. February 2014, 18:55:26 »

Many thanks for the details.

Prompted me to code my very own web server
(using VB6, Winsock and tips I found here: 
It took less than 30 minutes. 
I never realized it would be so easy. :)

BrowserBasic / BrowserBasic webserver
« on: 26. January 2014, 20:46:25 »

I want to run a local webserver that can serve files to a browser running on the same local machine (in my case a Windows7 PC) but without wireless broadacsting.

When I disable my PC's wireless hardware device the BrowserBasic webserver continues serving files OK.

It would be nice to have the option to run it but without broadcasting wireless, e.g. by passing a parameter when launching the .exe from a .bat file.

Can you suggest how I might go about doing this?
I have looked into setting up local webservers but so far havent found anything simple.

====== EDIT ================

Got Apache installed and running on my Win7 PC and serving files OK.
It doesnt do wireless.  It was a bit fiddly to install.
Whereas the BrowserBasic server installation seemed to just be a matter of downloading the .exe.
I am intrigued to know how it works and how it was made.  Does it use IIS I wonder?

Offtopic / Re: BASIC forums ....?
« on: 11. December 2013, 21:22:09 »
Yes I couldnt get onto TB yesterday
But all of them were OK today.
It might be the hosts had technical problems?

BrowserBasic / Re: requests
« on: 25. November 2013, 13:38:07 »
@Guilect thanks for the feedback.

For me the demo ran a bit slow also.
Yes I think that 1600 smoke sprites is too many.
Without them it is much, much faster.
There may be a better way of coding them.

Three.js is a nice interface to WebGL.
It can certainly produce some awesome effects and there are very few bugs.
There are lots of code examples out there e.g.
An excellent intro is here:-

I bet it did not take long to understand Three.js and make the demo.
Actually it has taken me quite a lot of time to get Three.js to do what I want.
In fact I pretty much dont understand a lot of it.
I mostly just find other people's examples and hack them around until they work for me.

I still think it would be good to have a simple Basic wrapper (like BrowserBasic) to hide away the general horribleness (html, css, javascript, three.js, other js libraries).
Thats what Browzic will do if it ever happens.
Till then this demo will provide (to me) a useful platform for customizing from.

There are lots of people using Three.js.
Yup its got a lot of critical mass of users and developers and its free.
It can be used for 2D or 3D games, retro or modern.
I think it will be around for quite a while.

BrowserBasic / Re: requests
« on: 20. November 2013, 20:53:00 »
By popular demand (from the voices in my head)
a basic flight simulator with missiles
so you can shoot things.

just click the link to play:-

On my Windows7 PC the best browser is Chrome.
On my Android 4.01 tablet the best browser is Firefox.

Uses Javascript/webGL/Three.js.
Its not as fast as I hoped for. 
Best to open just one viewport at a time.

BrowserBasic / Re: requests
« on: 02. October 2013, 07:24:19 »
Very impressive but it demands a powerful machine.
Running on Chrome it crashes my 3 year old windows 7 laptop.
On Firefox it is a bit jerky.

BrowserBasic / BrowserBasic Local WebServer
« on: 23. September 2013, 20:56:41 »
Some time ago I tried setting up the BrowserBasic Wireless WebServer (as described in the manual).
It worked.
It serves html files to my android tablet.
Great. :D

Recently found that (on a PC) Chrome and Opera wont let me access locally-stored files the way that Firefox does. :(
There is a way to reconfigure Chrome (with a special command line switch) but it is said to be risky if you use the same session to view other web sites (they can use it to get stuff from your PC).
The recommended option is to install and run your own local web server.
I trawled the internet and found lots of advice but it all looked a bit fiddly and high maintenance.
Then I thought, I wonder if BB wireless web server is visible on the same PC.
It is! :D :D

This seems too good to be true.

Dumb question: Is my browser accessing the local webserver thru internal PC communications or is it getting it from the wireless signal?

BrowserBasic / Re: requests
« on: 23. September 2013, 16:36:30 »
Thanks. Turbulenz looks awesome but rather daunting for me (python, webservers, ++ are outside my comfort zone).
Shapesmith and OpenJSCad look interesting for making static 3D objects.
For now I'm ploughing ahead with exploring Three.js and trying to decide on the right mix of simplicity and flexibility to expose to a user of Browzic. 
Latest prototype is here:-, works best in Chrome or Opera, (sadly not Firefox except on Android).

BrowserBasic / Re: 3D graphics in browser
« on: 10. September 2013, 22:20:37 »
Just found this nice site:
An in-browser, Lua/Basic-like coding window,
it produces simple 3D graphics and animations
based on three.js & javascript.

Offtopic / Re: Video recording
« on: 09. September 2013, 12:31:12 » was in my junk mail folder. Doh.

The spec looks good. 

Wonder what happens after 30 days if you dont pay to upgrade.
I spent a month using a similar product then it just stopped working after 30 days.

Pewdiepie? In our house its all lego starwars & batman. ::)

Offtopic / Re: Video recording
« on: 08. September 2013, 20:34:17 »
You sold me!
I gave them my email address.
I'm still waiting for them to email me the download link.(7 hours).
Uh oh. :-\

BrowserBasic / 3D graphics in BrowserBasic
« on: 01. September 2013, 21:57:10 »
Do you have any new thoughts or plans for 3D graphics in BrowserBasic?
I have dabbled with the Three.js (webGL-based) library (example
(I was very surprised that this runs very smoothly on my android tablet when using Firefox browser).
I am thinking of using it in my Browzic product.
But if something is coming along in BrowserBasic then I might not need to do it in Browzic.

Does anyone else know of other 3D graphics libraries which might be suitable?
either in javascript or in something that could be translated into javascript +/- webGL?

cheers, SteveOW.

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