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Title: qb64 deviations
Post by: Aurel on 29. July 2017, 15:19:36
..or better to say you we have new forum if main go down
but he delete old on  then move to
what is next move ....  ;D
and someone sometimes tell me that i have too many sites
i am zero  ;D ;D ;D
tjp forum is also down ...probably admin lost his interest because he dont earn
enough money ...  ;D
Title: Re: qb64 deviations
Post by: B+ on 29. July 2017, 17:12:39
Hi Aurel and All!

I will try to review the events concerning the QB64 group.

1. finally comes back on-line and Galleon starts a thread "I'm Sorry" for the delay due to him. (down for a couple of weeks)

2. An independent but ironic coincidence, Walter's forum, The Joyfulporgrammer, gets closed down due to lack of funds. It has suffered some tragic events recently concerning members, so Walter might be frustrated by some of the BS involved when moderating. He was hoping he could make enough money that the forum would come close to paying for itself, thus all the ads and his book store. Members could post all sorts of attachments open for public viewing and downloading (nice for SmallBASIC) and TJP was NOT restricted to just QB64 (of which Walter had made a fork to QB64 v1.1) other BASICs were allowed Boards and other PL's as well!

I hope Walter can work things out.

OK that's one back in action and one down.

3. Later forum at the, that was setup to be the "Unofficial" QB64 forum while the "Official" forum was down, closed down because the Official forum was back on-line.

Note: the .org site is still active and has many QB64 goodies to download.

OK that's one forum back and two down.

4. Steve McNeil a Hero member and VIP with the QB64 group started a secondary forum to serve as a backup resource should anything ever happen again at the official QB64 site. Discussed and links from thread here:

We do miss certain posts and want the occasional access to them when our favorite site is down or gone like (RIP)
Steve has started a forum for just that purpose to preserve his work and others as a backup resource. So another QB64 + forum for anyone who likes to hangout with Steve or just wants to post code for backup and share with others... only thing not allowed are spammers.

OK that's 2 down and 2 up, Nature has herself all balanced out again, all in a day!

What a day in the History of QB64!

Here is a snap of my first post at QB64,net and Walter's announcement right after in Galleon's "I'm sorry" thread.

Title: Re: qb64 deviations
Post by: Aurel on 29. July 2017, 19:41:38
Yo Mark
You know that i don't have any interest in qb64 ..i found it ugly(to retro)  ;D
anyway qb64 group is very close ,it seems to me that everyone knows everyone ::)
Even qb64 is opensource whole things depend on one man Galleon.
If you ask me Walter forum TJP was far better even sucks with all that ads...I hate ads >:(
But if we can say content was good,with all different approaches and thinking
and anyone can find far more interesting things then on other forums.
It was dynamic somehow  :D

figuring - funny man from clouds ... ;D